About this event

"From the Ancient Greeks to Aristotle, Theophrastus to Menander, Ben Johnson to William Shakespeare, the study of human personality is filled with enough reasons to use the most powerful medium known to us - Theatre. Yet, we persist in our futile efforts using tools that are complex, not immediately usable and are clearly meant for a few" ~ Don Lowry

With a 40 year history of having worked with educators, soldiers, scientists, students, prisoners and couples across the world, True Colors makes your understanding of temperament & personality real and instantly usable.

Hysterical performances, solid research, audience participation and innovative use of technology allow participants to experience fully “who we all are”. Presented in a lighthearted theatrical format and facilitated by master trainers the show transcends diversity and resonates with varied audiences.

True Colors Live promises an immersive edutainment experience which will have every person in the audience relating to herself and each other through the commonness that binds us all together, while appreciating the differences that make each one of us unique.

The use of Temperament in theatre, dating back to the “New Comedy” of ancient Athens, has never been touched upon in any comprehensive history of Psychological Temperament, because in modern times, the primary focus of the study of Temperament had been strictly psychological. True Colors is the only Temperament model that embodies both the psychological and the theatrical, and is based firmly in the theatrical.

How does it work?

Four actors portray four specific personality types each acting out short vignettes showing how hilarious our interactive, everyday experiences at work and at home can be.

As the show opens, each attendee is invited to take a short quiz on their smart phones to help understand their color preference and they receive a "Casting Kit" to guide them through the evening. Participants are then invited to join their "color group" to determine their strengths and stressors and the groups are reunited to apply the information in small group interaction.

Our Interactive audience system allows each member in the audience to respond to specific questions, comment on what’s being said and all of which can be shared with the larger audience in real time. The audience is instantly engaged and eager to participate, because each sees his/her own behavior in what’s happening on stage.

An awarded event that blends timeless content, interactive format, cutting technology and comedy theatre to deliver a 100% edutainment experience!


Meet our fantastic team


Don Lowry

Keynote Speaker & Script Writer


Mary Miscisin

Keynote Speaker & Master Trainer


Vinay Sirsi

Executive Producer


Priya Venkatesh

Event Director & Master Trainer



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Curious to see how it all plays out?

Take a look at some of the photos of the live shows where teams get to experience and explore their True Colors.